Town & Country: Land and Capital Integrated Advisory

Town & Country: Land and Capital Integrated Advisory

What is Land & Capital Integrated Advisory?

Integrated Advisory is more than linking land, property and capital across multiple sectors, it is a mindset in itself. It is even more than just assessing land for alternative uses, not just mainstream ones. It is the mindset that both creates and identifies investment, acquisition and capital raising opportunities by understanding the connectivity between the property investment market and those acquiring land and developing residential and commercial projects.

At our core RJS is fundamentally a pro-active and entrepreneurial land agency mixed with deep knowledge of the real estate investment market.

Integrated Advisory is the mindset that separates RJS from other agents in that we act primarily on behalf of the asset buyer rather than the seller; and between the project developer and the capital. Through this, we appreciate that capital drives the delivery of every opportunity and every opportunity needs to be shaped by the capital. The large, vertically and horizontally integrated, network of land-acquirers, developers (residential and commercial), house builders, real estate funds and investment institutions has been deliberately created to form a connectivity web that is the knowledge behind Integrated Advisory.

What is Integrated Land Management?

Integrated Land Management encompasses aspects of Rural Diversification with a particular focus on the delivery of solutions, rather than merely offering advice. We work with specific parties and partners who deliver the end result for the landowner whether through land promotion, the delivery of renewable energy solutions, regenerative farming, the sourcing of rural project finance, or even Biodiversity Net Gain.

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"We are as comfortable in dealing with the acquisition and financing for residential and mixed-use commercial schemes in towns, as we are in dealing with rural sites, farm and equestrian developments including options and land promotions. In addition, the securing of strategic investment partners who can provide a consistent source of capital can be the step-change that experienced developers require to achieve their full growth potential. Providing access to such capital is the culmination of many, many years of experience across most property sectors and with most types of developer and investor alike."

Robert Spriddell